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Sahaba 'The Blessed'

Written By : Im璽m-覺 Rabb璽ni Ahmad F璽r羶k簾
Publisher : Hakikat Kitabevi

At the beginning of the book (The Blessed) superiority of Ashâb of our prophet, Muhammad ´alayhissalâm, is explained along with how unjust and ignorant are those who defame Ashâb-覺-kirâm. Besides, the meaning of ijtihâd is explained. In the part of cautioning, an answer is given to the book (Hüsniyye) written by an enemy of Islam. In another part, biographies of great savants of Islam - hadrat Imâm-覺 Rabbâni and hadrat Sayyed Abdülhakîm-覺 Arvâsi - are explained. In the part Two Apples of the Eye of Muslims superiority of hadrat Abû Bakr and hadrat Omar is explained; in the part The First Fitna in Islam events between Ashâb-覺-kirâm are explained beautifully from the pen of hadrat Imâm-覺 Rabbâni Ahmad Fârûkî Sarhandi who explains that to love all of Ashâb-覺-kirâm is a fundamental condition of being Ahl-i-sunnat.

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