I found justice in islam

I found justice in islam

I want to start with a sentence from Hadrat Ali ''Do not persecute even one when you got persecuted thousand times''.


I want to start with a sentence from Hadrat Ali ''Do not persecute even one when you got persecuted thousand times''.
And also Hadrat Muhammad “sallallahu ‘alaihi wa alihi wa sallam” says: ''White has no superiority over black, black has no superiority over white''.

 You might want to know who I am, what’s my name, where I am from, let me tell you my name is  Bilal and I’m from the UK well actually I’m based from South Africa but we have been here for over 80 years and I’m 23 years old, my actual name was 'Diop' but I changed it after I became Muslim. Know I’m going to tell you how and why I became Muslim...

It was 2019 I was watching the news and I saw a terrorist attack on a mosque (a mosque is where Muslims perform salat) and the attacker killed 51 innocent people who just wanted to pray for Allahu Taala, when I saw that news I was frozen I mean what kind of a human being would do something like that, it was absolutely pure evil and racist. He attacked 2 mosques and he was planning for the third, after a year or two I saw the court video in which his victims were facing the murderer, there was a guy who said:

''In this whole time, 17 years, since I was living in New Zealand ... people were calling me - because I was from Afghanistan  they were calling me for fun, or a joke, or intentionally - a terrorist,"
''Today you are called a terrorist and you proved to the world that I was not and us, as Muslims, were not. A terrorist does not have religion, race, or colour. Any colour, race, and faith could be a terrorist. We are not terrorists. We have suffered but we are strong.'' I felt so bad for that guy and for the Muslims because I could say that he was not faking those words he was really meaning them and I saw maybe hundreds of video montages about people joking with Islam, they were making edits with a voice who says "Allahu akbar" and then they put explosion effects and this wasn’t enough for them they were making fun of the Muslims by calling them, terrorists. Even in the films or serials they secretly uploaded Islamophobia to the people.

In 2021 I was tired of the racism all around the world and I went to church to talk with the priest, (My family was a Christian and they raised me as a Christian but I never thought it was the right religion)
I thought he might help me and motivate me but he was like a robot (all the priests were saying the same thing like they don’t even know what they believe) he wasn’t making any sense he couldn’t answer my questions about Christianity and the god. 

So I searched for Christianity and read books about it but it was like a fictional novel. (it took 4 months)
So this was the time I started to search and learn about Islam...

I opened my computer and typed 'Islam' and started to read everything on the internet about Islam but that wasn’t a good idea because there were hundreds of fake Muslims who were trying to tear apart the Muslims so I stopped searching because the internet was a big dark hole, you can’t find the truth unless you are not lucky.

So I went to a mosque in London and I asked the imam '' can you help me, I’m trying to learn about Islam’’ and he smiled at me with his white teeth (I have to say he got beautiful teeth man :D) and he said '' of course whatever you want to ask, you can ask me'' after 3 hours of asking questions he said '' Now it’s time for salat if you want you can stay and watch or pray'' and I said '' I wish I knew how to perform salat'' and we laughed a little then they started to salat, there were at least 20 people who were performing salat, the voice of the imam was amazingly relaxing and I don’t know why but I cried while I was listening to him it was peaceful after they prayed imam said '' Today we have a brother who is wondering about Islam'' and everyone came to me and they greeted with me they were all smiling I felt like they were my family, they weren’t faking their emotions it was real. After they left the mosque imam came to me and said '' I can give you a couple of books about Islam, I got these from a website, they gave these for free and I was suspicious at the beginning because there are hundreds, thousands of people who gives wrong information to people about Islam but then I  read the books and talked with the website's members, they were actually giving and explaining the truth about Islam and also I saw thousands of people who learned the true Islam around the world because of this website'' and I said '' wow it sounds amazing I would love to have these books'' and he gave the books to me and I thanked him and I went to my home to read the books.

The book was amazing it was illuminated the darkness of my life, I started to read the book at 19.00 and I was still reading at 2 in the night, I was so focused I was learning the meaning of my life, my eyes were closing so I went to the kitchen and made myself a hot coffee (because I’m living in London I don’t have to drink tea every time hahaha) and my eyes were closing but the smoke from the coffee was hitting my eyes so  I stayed up until 4 am. After 7 months of learning I went to the mosque and I said '' I’m a Muslim now '' to the imam and he hugged me and he cried and I cried, everyone hugged me and I felt that I did the right choice. For 7-8 months of learning Islam what impresses me the most was the Justice in Islam, Equality in Islam, and Morality in Islam there is no black or white in İslam there is no rich or poor in İslam there is no racism in İslam we are all equal and I was impressed a lot from our beloved prophet Hadrat Muhammed  “ sallallahu alaihi wa alihi wa sallam” He was an example to Muslims, with his everything. Islam means peace, I want to thank the imam I met in London, and I really want to thank gofreebooks which showed me the truth. 

I changed my name after I became Muslim and I chose the name 'Bilal' because I read his life in a book and it stunned me.

There was a man who was torturing Hadrat Bilal and his name was Umayya (Bilal-i Habashi was a black man he was Muslim and he was a slave) Umayya put a big stone on his chest and left him thirst and hungry, Bilal-i Habashi was a slave of Umayya and Umayya said to him ''You will remain like this until you deny Muhammad and worship Lat and Uzza.'' and Bilal was replying ''Ehad! Ehad!'' (means Allah is the one) .Then our beloved prophet said to Hadrat Abu Bakr '' How is Bilal, I’m feeling so sad for him'' and Hadrat Abu Bakr went to the Umayya and said ''Get more than his worth and set him free'' Umayya accepted the offer.  Hadrat Abu Bakr took Bilal to our beloved Prophet and he was free forever, Our Beloved Prophet made him a muezzin he was calling people to salat by reciting the adhan, his voice was amazingly peaceful and you could hear his voice from a big distance... He didn’t separate from the Prophet throughout his life... I saw the peace, justice, solidarity, and equality in Islam once again when I read this.

I saw lots of racist attacks around the world, in France, the UK, Germany, Holland, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Norway and especially in the USA, I was sick of these evil people and the funny thing about it is they killed hundreds of innocent Muslims and black people but there are lots of people who are becoming Muslim because of these evil terrorists, those terrorists showed the world that us as the Muslims we are not terrorist but they are. There is no racism in Islam there is no killing in Islam and Islam is the true religion, I hope one day you will see it too...

Thanks to gofreebooks.


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