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My Beloved Prophet

Written By : Prof. Dr. Ramazan Ayvallı
Publisher : Gofreebooks
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There is a period called “The era of nescience” in history. In this period, in the Arabian Peninsula, people would worship idols, would drink alcohol all the time and would gamble. The powerful used to be regarded as the rightful, the women used to be bought and sold as if they were commercial property, the daughters used to be buried in the earth alive. Not only the Arabian Peninsula, but also the entire world was in darkness. The conditions in Asia, Africa and Europe were not different. Of course, there were wise and reasonable people, although only a few in number, who were displeased with the situation and they used to supplicate to Janâb-i Haqq (Allah) for the termination of that dark period. Allahu ta’âlâ, who pitied human beings, sent prophets to people who lived in different times in different locations. He charged Hadrat Muhammad (’alaihis-salâm) as His last Prophet and Messenger to enlighten that darkness.

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