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Seâdet-i Ebediyye Endless Bliss Sixth Fascicle

Written By : Hüseyn Hilmi Işık
Publisher : Hakikat Kitabevi

This book is a translation of Seâdet-i Ebediyye, which was originally written in Turkish.

The Turkish original of the book Seâdet-i Ebediyye consists of three parts, all of which add up to well over twelve hundred pages.

We have translated the entire book into English and published our translations in six individual fascicles.

Seâdet-i Ebediyye is a book prepared according to the Hanafî Madhhab. There is not a single bit of knowledge or a word which contradicts the creed of Ahl-i Sunnat wa’l Jamâ’at in this book.

This is the sixth fascicle. We invoke Allâhu ta’âlâ for help, so the book may reach our dear readers.

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