The Merchant Whom Allah Loves

The Merchant Whom Allah Loves

Allahu ta'ala loves a merchant who is honest in all his transactions. He never loves a liar...


People of wisdom state:
Allahu ta'ala loves a merchant who is honest in all his transactions. He never loves a liar. Our Master the Prophet said, "A trustworthy and truthful merchant will be raised up with prophets, the truthful, and martyrs on the Day of Resurrection."

Trade is done at a place where Allahu ta'ala sees. Since there is no place Allahu ta'ala does not see, we should not deceive anyone, should always see customers as the right party, should not be trying toward them but rather put up with their trying behavior, and should deem it a blessing to serve them for the pleasure of Allah. We should work for the sake of Allah and ponder whether our Lord is pleased with what we are doing now. Our master the Prophet said the following to Hadrat Bilal al-Habashi before dying:

(O Bilal, go and inform my Ummah that they will be successful in all affairs if they do these three things:
1. Let them be perfectly truthful and let them not deviate from truthfulness.

2. Let them remain in unity and solidarity with each other.

3. Let them correct their intention and do whatever they do for the pleasure of Allah.)

The sin that upsets Allahu ta'ala the most is to break people's hearts. We should not break anyone's heart no matter whether one is a Believer or a disbeliever. We should please people, make them happy, and appreciate their value. We should not regard customers as easy touches, as suckers. Rather, we should regard them as our benefactors.

Buying and selling is contingent on the will of Allah, so we cannot know whether or not the sale will be concluded. We should only employ means, agencies, and ways. We should not do a wrong action, valuing only money. Instead, we should take it as our duty to win people's hearts and to satisfy them. Those who are modest and full of love will be successful in all affairs.

A little greed brings much harm. Acquisitiveness and greed are like two hungry wolves. They gnaw and eat up the greedy, and their lives end in this way. We should be satisfied with what we have and give thanks to Allah for His blessings.

Does a person who is satisfied with what he has not work? Of course he works. If he attracts positive energy and wins du'a [supplication, prayer], no one can catch him, and no one can count his steps. However, if he is fractious, causes others trouble, and is always quarrelling and disagreeing with people, that is, if he is the one who has ruined his own self, it is quite difficult for him to do a good job. Eighty percent of success is to win people's hearts and twenty percent of it is to work.

Du'a takes precedence over money. It is very wrong to change this order and give priority to money. We should work to win dua before anything else. In order for us to win du'a, we must do good and win the love and confidence of others. People listen to and obey whom they love. A person who has lost others' love may seem successful temporarily, but this success will not be long-lasting. We should not be today's merchants, but tomorrow's merchants.

We should work in accordance with the description of the Muslim. Our Master the Prophet stated, "The Muslim is he from whose hand and tongue people are safe."


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