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Explanations, meanings and writings of Qur'an al kerim...

Explanations, meanings and writings of Qur'an al kerim...
Written By : Hüseyn Hilmi Işık
Publisher : Hakikat Kitabevi
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Translations of the Qur’ân in other languages are not called the Qur’ân. They are called ma’âl or explanations of the Qur’ân. If they have been prepared by devout Muslims who are experts and who have good intentions towards the subject, they can be read in order to understand the meaning of the Qur’ân. There is nothing wrong in this. They cannot be read as the Qur’ân itself. It does not yield thawâb to read them as the Qur’ân. On the contrary, it is a sinful act to do so. Muslims should read the Qur’ân as Allâhu ta’âlâ revealed it. It yields thawâb also to read it without understanding the meaning. Certainly it is all the more blessed and better to read it and to understand the meaning.

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