Perceptions vs Realities

Perceptions vs Realities

Islamophobia is a real problem and most people either don’t even know about it or they just don’t want to understand it, or they simply believe what they are taught.


Perceptions vs Realities 

    Islamophobia is a real problem and most people either don’t even know about it or they just don’t want to understand it, or they simply believe what they are taught. However, sometimes you have to search the answer by yourself. God gave you a brain and willpower to learn and search with your own intelligence. Of course you can (and must) learn from the elder ones because they lived and saw more than you did but the thing is, your closest ones might be wrong, even the professor who won every award in his major may be wrong. At the end of the day, we are humans and it’s in our DNA to make mistakes. 
How does it start…

    There are too many people especially in the western world who raise their children with hate towards Islam, the main reason for this is because that's how they were raised themselves. They lived their life hating Muslims but they never tried to understand or search about Islam. They don’t even know what Islam is, some of them think that Islam and Muslim are two different religions. That’s ironic considering the fact that you raise your babies full of hate towards Islam but you don’t even know what Islam is. What are you going to say when your kids when they start asking you about Islam? You'l probably say they are evil terrorists. 

Are Muslims terrorists…

    Now my favorite thing is when people start insulting Muslims by calling them terrorists. Those people don’t know that the word Islam itself means "peace", and that killing an innocent person means hell. ‘’Breaking someones heart intentionally is worse than destroying Kaaba 70 times.’’ says Hadrat Muhammed sallallahu alayhi wasallam.
In summary, they don’t know what a REAL Muslim is ­-well, it’s actually hard for them to see the REAL ones because there is massive media power against Islam. The news are altered and served with speculation. Those who are killing people in Syria, Iraq etc. are not Muslims, they are brainwashed savages who are don’t even know the religion. They just yell ‘’Allahu Akbar’’ and kill people. 

There was a terrorist attack in one of the European countries and the media served the news right away with the caption "Another Islamic Terrorist Attack", although after the terrorist was caught and was asked questions about Islam and the main things about it, he couldn’t answer them -not even one. He didn't even know the Last Prophet Hadrat Muhammed sallallahu alayhi wasallam, but this brainwashed terrorist was still called a Muslim. This is an insult and humiliation to all of the Muslims. And the worst part is, when a savage in the US who happened to be a religious Christian went to a store and killed more than 14 people with his assault rifle, or when another one killed more than 10 kids in a school, the media did not serve these with a similar caption like “Christian Terrorist Attack”. They just said “Armed Men Killed People”.

Judging Islam without any knowledge…

    Islam is a religion which encourages you to be a better person. It demands you to be a good person. I feel sad when people talk in podcasts about Islam talking about how you can have as many as wives as you want and enslave them, or how if you are a man there are no rules for you and that men are superior than women. More than 80% of the people that judge Islam are looking at the people who don't live like a Muslim, the people who are extremely rich and don’t do what Allah tells them to do. There are too many famous Muslims who drink, have sexual intercourse with whoever they want, and when its Ramadan they post a picture on Instagram saying "Alhamdulillah". And of course when other people see that they start to think this is what Islam looks like. But you can’t judge a whole basket of apples by only seeing a rotten one.

Are men are superior to women…
    In Islam, a man must provide for his wife, he must show her love and respect. An analogy says his wife is like a beautiful rose, and when there is a storm outside, strong enough to break the rose, the husband is like a shield who protects the rose from the storm. That's how a relationship is in Islam. The storm here is the world we live in. There is sin everywhere, committing a sin is so easy, and once you caught up to the storm…
And the rose is the woman; it's naive, emotional, and easy to break. The man should be the shield who protects his wife and family from the storm. The way to protect yourself and loved ones is by being a good Muslim and doing your responsibilities that Allah orders you to do. There are things that are forbidden and haram such as alcohol, adultery etc... In Islam, you can’t have as many wives as you want. Islam is the only religion that puts women above. Islam says a man MUST provide for his wife. A husband must be gentle and loving towards his wife, and his wife should respect her husband. It is simple as that. Actually, every problem in the world right now can be solved with Islam. If those feminists would search and see the real Islam, there wouldn't be such a thing as feminism. Because Allah orders men to provide and work for his family, and to keep the women comfortable and safe. The world is getting worse and more people go Godless every day, which is not surprising because there will be enough people to fill both heaven and hell.

A short story from a doctor who became a Muslim…

    Allah demands you to be a good person and to help people. Allah gave you all the answers to your questions and sometimes even just looking around you is enough for an answer. I met so many doctors who became Muslims and one of them said to me, "Once I was in an open heart surgery and I abruptly halted and started to look at the patient’s heart, it was amazing. I mean, it wasn’t my first surgery but it was the first time that I looked and saw the bigger picture. His heart was pumping, his lungs were breathing in and out... It's normal to us, but I couldn’t believe that this supreme being on the planet and this mind-blowing, perfect system came from nothing. It must've been created by a creator. After the surgery I washed my hands etc. and I went to my car. I looked at the sky through the moonroof, and started to question my whole life and the universe. After seven months I became Muslim.’’  

I read a book called "Why Did They Become Muslim" and here is a small part from it: 
"I am a doctor and I come from a fanatically Catholic family. Yet my vocational choice, medicine, provided me a career in positive, experimental, and natural sciences, which in turn caused me to develop a growing hatred against Christianity. With respect to religion, I was at complete loggerheads with the other members of my family. Yes, there was a great Creator, and I believed in Him, i.e. Allâhu ta’âlâ. Yet the absurdities concocted by Christians, especially by Catholics, various mysterious gods, sons, holy ghosts, the preposterous fibs fabricated for the purpose of proving that Îsâ ‘alaihis-salâm’ is the son of God, a myriad of other superstitions, ceremonies and rites pushed me away from Christianity, instead of attracting me towards it.’’ (Why Did They Become Muslim. Page 44 Dr. BENOIST [ALÎ SALMÂN] (French).) here is a link to the book, I highly recommend it. ( you can read it as PDF, download it, or even order it.

I'm thankful to Gofreebooks…
    Lastly, I want to thank Gofreebooks for providing real Islamic books, I ordered them to read to my family and friends. I don’t know if there is an another organization who gives out books for free, and goes to book fairs around the world to give out thousands of books for free to everyone. Gofreebooks, your work and efforts won’t be forgotten and I'm sure that it will be rewarded… I'm from London by the way, take care everyone. And please don’t be a sheep, use your own intelligence instead.


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