Everything starts with one book...

Everything starts with one book...

Hi everyone my name is Hakan and I’m from Turkey. I wanted to tell u guys my story because I know that there are millions of people in the world like me.


Hi everyone my name is Hakan and I’m from Turkey. I wanted to tell u guys my story because I know that there are millions of people in the world like me.

If u would have asked me what was my religion 1 year ago I would say “I’m muslim?” But u would ask me 'do u pray' or 'do u know “what la ilaha illallah means” I couldn’t have answered them.

There are millions of people in the world like that and this is so sad because u r saying that u r a muslim but YOU ARE NOT ,YOU JUST THINK YOU ARE a muslim.

Lets start, I wrote my story with my emotions before u read my story I want to give a little spoiler EVERYTHING STARTS WITH ONE BOOK...

How did I found this website and these books : One of my customers wanted a book which is “introduction to Islam” Found a book site called gofreebooks and I requested the books from them and they sent.

When the books came to me I went his house to give books to him and he took  some of them and gave me some of them and I was thinking “what am I going to do with these books?”

So I went to my house and put the books to my library. I didn’t read them for a year but one day I was bored and I wanted to take a look the books because they were almlst calling my name in a way.


  In a time when the sins cover the world like a dark cloud, the books were like a sun showing them through the black clouds. Daily problems, stress, people take your morale down,

friends who are trying to make sins look like they are something good, people who brag about their sins etc. These amazing books were showing u the real faces of the people... They are treasure.

The most interesting thing about these books is the peace in these books, makes the reader peaceful and happy, sometimes people put a dot to their good things in life and split them like before after.

Features of this books are; these books r in that dot... Before u read these books and after u did. Before u didnt, u r like everyone. u do what lot of people does u move like herd psychology.

U think what your grandfather says is true, u never hear what our Prophet says. because u r like everyone u think like 'if majority of people doing it then its true' what r the things u have to pay attention in namaz(pray)?


Are the things and behaviours we do daily is true ? questions like these... and one day u get these books, when u read, u start to think that there is death.

you will be stunned at first. u say to your self 'There is death'. Then u start to think ARE WE READY FOR DEATH ?... When u read u want to read more. when u learn something u want to learn more.

When u see the mistakes u did in your life u shame your past self. when u remind the sins u did u cant even look at the mirror. on the other hand u will have peace in your life.

U know that every problem comes to u will go away. U try to get Allahu Teala's approval in every work u do. beacuse u saw the truth. because u saw that there is death waiting us

And u take a look to your life and u see that these books made your life perfectly clean and especially your soul. Now u start to share the truth with everyone. Your family, friends and relatives.

Some of them make jokes about u , some of them just listen and says nothing. And u get sad because u want them to see the truth. Why people put themselves in flames.

but there is no option except praying(dua) for them. u take your hands up and say ' my Allah please give the peace which I take from this books to everyone make them see the truth'.

you put these books to that dot the books which is changed someone's life completely. Before the books and after the books... I want to thank who helped to people be happy and peaceful in the world and in the after life.


I thank millions billions... to www.gofreebooks.com I cant say how thankful I am. Lots of people look at the books like they r just piece of paper but they r not. THEY ARE TREASURE.

I hope u guys find and learn the truth. I want all of u to choose a book and start to read dont stop trust me if u read u will want to finish. Take care find the truth.


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